Sahyun, Steven

At UW-Whitewater

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ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR / Associate Professor (SV)
Office Phone
(262) 472-5113
Office Location
UH 157

Dr. Sahyun is currently Chair of the Physics Department and has been at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater since 2001. 


He received a Ph.D. in Physics with an emphasis in Physics Education from Oregon State University in December 1999 for work on Physics Accessibility, an M.S. in Physics from Montana State University - Bozeman in 1992 for work in Optics and Laser Diode research and a B. A. degree majoring in Physics and in French from Grinnell College in 1989. 


He teaches primarily the PHYSCS 212: Physics for Elementary Teachers and PHYSCS 360 Optics courses. At UW-Whitewater he has also taught PHYSCS 100 Energy, PHYSCS 120 Light and Color, PHYSCS 130 Physics Foundations, PHYSCS 140 and 141 College Physics laboratories, PHYSCS 150 From Einstein to Star Trek, PHYSCS 180 and 181 Physics for Scientists and Engineers, PHYSCS 190 Frontiers of Physics Seminar, PHYSCS 212 Intermediate Laboratory, PHYSCS 240 Physics of Sound and Music, PHYSCS 344 Modern Physics and PHYSCS 489 Senior Seminar. 

While on Sabbattical at Hebei Normal University in Shijiazhuang, China in Spring of 2012 and Summer 2013 he taught a course "A Review of Introductory Physics in English" to about 35 graduate students. and edited about 30 physics papers, abstracts, and letters that were being submitted to journals. During the summer of 2013, he returned for another two month visiting professor position teaching and editing research papers.

During the 2000-2001 academic year, he was a Lecturer at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR  and taught Physics 250 Physics III Electromagnetism, Physics 141 Introductory General Physics I, Physics 252 Physics IV Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, and Physics 300 Advanced Laboratory.


His research has focused on student understanding on the learning of physics and most recently involved in creating 3D printing of ojects to aid physics learning, HTML5 simulators particularly for use with the Next Gen Physics and Everyday Thinking Curriculum. Students working with Dr. Sahyun have also had research projects on creating a radio telescope, constructing a wind turbine and characterizing performance of electric bicycles.

Sahyun is currently a member of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Faculty Senate (2018 - present) and is on the Chancellor's Committee for Disability Concerns. He has also served on the following UW-Whitewater committees: L&S College Curriculum Council, L&S Administrative Council, and Graduate Council.

He was president of the Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers (WAPT) (2009 and in 2018) after hosting the 2009 and the 2018 WAPT meetings at UW-Whitewater.

He is a Board Member for the Fort Atkinson Regional Science Fair (2004 - present)


Dr. Sahyun is a life member of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and regularly participates in AAPT and WAPT meetings.
Member of Advanced Labodratory Physics Association (ALPhA) and supports the Jonathan Reichert Foundation for Enhancing Advanced Laboratory Physics Instruction.

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