Aslani, Soroush

At UW-Whitewater

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HH 4507

Soroush Aslani is an Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. His research is primarily in the area of cross-cultural negotiations and social movements. In particular, he studies the motives, attitudes, emotions, and strategies of people in honor cultures in conflict situations. He teaches courses on Negotiations, Organizational Behavior, and International Management.

Best Paper Proceedings
Academy of Management
Finalist for Carolyn Dexter Award for Research on International Issues
Academy of Management
Nominee for Conflict Management Division Consortium
Academy of Management Conference
Kellogg School of Management Doctoral Fellowship
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
Nominee for New Doctoral Student Consortium
Academy of Management
Queen's School of Business Fellowship and Queen's Graduate Award
Queen's University in Ontario, Canada

Management and Organizations
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
Queen's University in Ontario, Canada
Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran
Mechanical Engineering
Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran

International Association for Conflict Management
2008 - Current
Society for Judgment and Decision Making
2008 - Current
Academy of Management
2007 - Current

Symposium on Honor Culture and Negotiations
Shafa, S., Ramirez-Marin, J., & Semnani-Azad, Z.,
(Keynote Address) Cultural Differences in Negotiation Mindset and Strategies: A Study on Dignity, Face, and Honor Cultures
Hospitable or tough? The impact of relational context on negotiations in honor cultures.
Ramirez-Marin, J., Brett, J., & Semnani-Azad, Z.,
Framing, resonance, and micro-mobilization
King, B., Foroughi, F.
Honor, face, and dignity: A tri-cultural study of negotiations
Ramirez-Marin, J., Semnani-Azad, J., Brett, J., Adair, W., Tinsley, C.
Honor, face, and dignity cultures: A conceptual framework for conflict management
Brett, J., Ramirez-Marin, J., Semnani-Azad, J., Tinsley, C.
Implications of honor and dignity cultures for negotiations
Brett, J., Ramirez-Marin, J., Semnani-Azad, J., Weingart, L.
• Negotiation behavior in honor culture: A comparative study of Middle Easterners and Westerners
Framing, politics and rhetoric in the Islamic Republic of Iran
King, B., Foroughi, H.
Cross-cultural negotiation norms and behaviors
Negotiators mental models in Middle East
Tinsley, C., Turan, N., Dillon, R., Weingart, L.
Two facets of status: Divergent antecedents and consequences of dominance versus prestige
Livingston, R., Cohen, T., Halevy, N.
Implications of honor and dignity cultures for negotiations
Ramirez-Marin, J., Brett, J., Tinsley, C., Weingart, L.
Framing and micro-mobilization
King, B., Foroughi, H.
How stereotypes influence mental models of negotiations
Tinsley, C., Turan, N., Dillon, R., Weingart, L.
Why team negotiations fail more in the Middle East: The impact of intra-group task conflict and culture on inter-group negotiations
The moderating role of emotional conflict on virtual negotiations
Staples, S., Webster. J.

A Measurement Model for Dignity, Face, and Honor Cultural NormsA Measurement Model for Dignity, Face, and Honor Cultural Norms
Management and Organization Review
Dignity, face, and honor cultures: A study of negotiation strategy and outcomes in three cultures
Journal of Organizational Behavior
Vol. 37 Iss. 8 Pg. 1178-1201
Dispute Resolution Research Center Negotiation Exercises
Dispute Resolution Research Center
Pg. 11 Pages
Framing, resonance, and micro-mobilization: Shall we say what we are for, or what we are against?
Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings
Dignity, Face, and Honor cultures: implications for negotiation and conflict management
Handbook of Research on Negotiation/ Edward Elgar Publishing
Pg. 249-282
The interplay between culturally- and situationally-based mental models of intercultural dispute resolution: West meets Middle East
International Negotiation Journal
Vol. 16 Iss. 3 Pg. 481-510
A Treatise Cookbook on Contemporary Knowledge of Management and Economics for Managers (in Farsi)
Negah Danesh Publication
Special English for Management (in Farsi)
Negah Danesh Publication
Theories of Management for MBA Examination (in Farsi)
Negah Danesh Publication

Iranian Management Clinic
Tehran, Iran
Associate Consultant
Management Transformation Project at the National Petrochemical Company of Iran and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
Tehran, Iran
Business Analyst
Emergency Management Project at the Ministry of Transportation of Iran
Tehran, Iran
Business Analyst

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