Navarro, Kristina

At UW-Whitewater

Dr. Navarro is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Education and Professional Studies, Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching.  She also serves as the coordinator for the Higher Education Leadership graduate program.


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis: Higher, Postsecondary and Continuing Education

M.A. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Sport Administration

B.S. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Business Administration, Sport Management, and Strength and Conditioning

Professional Experience:

As a scholar-practitioner, Dr. Navarro has served as an athletics department employee for six years working with the UNC Division of Student-Athlete Development, Carolina Leadership Academy and University of Wisconsin Division of Student-Athlete Support Services.  Prior to her tenure at UW-Whitewater, Dr. Navarro served as an Assistant Professor of Adult and Higher Education at the University of Oklahoma and Director of the Intercollegiate Athletics Administration Graduate Program.

Research Interests:

Dr. Navarro’s dissertation and current research interests center on best practices in high impact career and professional developmental programs in higher education.  Her current work is centered at the nexus of sport and education, career development and student development.


Dr. Navarro teaches many courses relating to sport and recreation administration.


Dr. Navarro currently serves on the editorial board for the Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletics in Higher Education and Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics.  She is presently a member of the executive leadership teams for the ACPA Commission on Recreation and Athletics and AERA Special Interest Group Research Focus on Education and Sport.

Selected Publications:

Navarro, K. M. (2013). Toward an understanding of career construction in the 21st Century: A phenomenological study of the life experiences of graduating student-athletes at a large highly-selective Midwestern university. Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics Working Paper Series, The Center for Leadership in Athletics at the University of Washington.

Navarro, K. M. (2013).  Toward an understanding of student-athlete career construction.  In E. Comeaux (Ed.), Making the connection: Data-informed practices in academic support centers for student-athletes (10-21). Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University Press.

Navarro, K. M. (2013).  Best practices in contemporary student-athlete transitional programming: Preparation for life after sport.  In E. Comeaux (Ed.), Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics in American Higher Education (30-44). Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University Press.

Selected Presentations:

Navarro, K. M. (2013, May). Toward an understanding of student-athlete career construction in the 21st century: Implications for athletics administrators.  Dissertation of the year presented at the National Association of Academic Advisor for Athletics (N4A) Conference, Jacksonville, FL.

Navarro, K. M. (2013, May). An exploration of the alignment of college major choice and career aspiration in life after sport: Reflections from the student-athlete voice. Paper presented at the international American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.



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