Hsu, Maxwell

At UW-Whitewater

University - Faculty/Staff
Office Phone
(262) 472-5471
Office Location
HH 3434

Select Publications:


Author(s) Year Article Title Journal Name Volume Issue Pages
Maity, M., Hsu, M., Pelton, L. E. 2012 Consumers' Online Information Search: Gen Yers Finding Needles in the Internet Haystack. Journal of Marketing Channels 19 1 49-76
Huang, Y., Mesak, H. I., Hsu, M., Qu, H. 2012 Dynamic efficiency assessment of the Chinese hotel industry. Journal of Business Research 65 1 59-67
Rajamma, R. K., Pelton, L. E., Hsu, M., Knight, D. 2010 The Impact of Generation Y Consumers’ Need for Uniqueness and Nationality on Retail Patronage Behaviors: An Exploratory Study of U.S. and Taiwanese Consumers. Journal of Global Marketing 23 N/A 387-410
Chiu, K. K., Lin, R.-J., Hsu, M., Huang, L.-H 2010 Power of Branding on Internet Service Providers. Journal of Computer Information Systems 50 3 112-120
Wang, C.-y., Hsu, M. 2010 The Relationships of Destination Image, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: An Integrated Model. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 27 8 829-843
Hsu, M., Huang, Y., Swanson, S. 2010 Grocery Store Image, Travel Distance, Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: Evidence from A Midwest College Town. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 38 2 115-432
Hsu, M., Chao, G., James, M. L. 2009 An Efficiency Comparison of Top U.S. MBA Programs: Top Ten MBA Programs vs. the Non Top Ten MBA Programs. Journal of Education for Business May/June   269-274

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