Clokey, George

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Biological Sciences
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(262) 472-5140
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UH 311

George Clokey. 1994. Neurobiologist, Molecular Cell Biologist

BS Geology and Geophysics, BS Zoology University of Wisconsin Madison 1980
PhD Cell and Molecular Biology University of Pittsburgh, 1990

Research Description:
I work with a variety of people on a wide range of projects. I have interests in, and contacts for both field and lab sciences ranging from molecular biology to animal tracking. One of the topics I am currently interested in is applying the techniques of molecular biology to questions of ecology. I worked on developing techniques for sampling fish populations using PCR to amplify DNA from fin clippings. One of my students that worked on this project later worked in Alaska with the US Forest Service. I am presently using related methods to study two species of mice and how they compete for overlapping niches.

I lead the summer and winter field courses that travel to Yellowstone National Park. I am planning a project on carbon balance in Yellowstone using the CO2 analyzer I recently help acquire for the department. This study will contribute to understanding global climate change; it should be interesting since Yellowstone is a super volcano.

If your interest is the great outdoors, I work with an animal behaviorist in Gardiner, MT just outside of Yellowstone National Park. Several of my students have done residency programs with him working on animals in the Park including wolves, coyotes, pronghorn and bison. In addition, I am the departmental representative for the Student Conservation Association and I have helped student set up internships in national forests in Alaska, California and Hawaii working on brown bear management, invasive species and rare plant classification.

If you have more of a business interest I am currently allied with several members of the College of Business on water issues. I have mentored a number of Integrated Science Business Major research theses. One of these projects in the new Water Emphasis involved studying how to convert algae to biofuels and a trip to Singapore. Some of my students are involved in a lake restoration project; we do the science the business school sells the carp. I have also directed various research projects that are not traditionally considered biological work, e.g. an art project using insects and electron microscopy.

Classes Taught:
Non-Majors Biology (120), Intro. Biology (141 & 142), Ecology and Society (214), Field Biology (258), Yellowstone Summer Field Course (451), Yellowstone Winter Field Course (491) and various labs such as Genetics

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