Hyun, Sinae

At UW-Whitewater

Sinae Hyun is a historian specialized in the Cold War, nationalism and Southeast Asian studies. She earned her Masters and doctoral degrees from the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and the Department of History respectively at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her doctoral dissertation titled, ‘Indigenizing the Cold War’ surveys the history of the Thai Border Patrol Police and shows how the Thai ruling elites appropriated American policies of anticommunist modernization during the Cold War. She is currently preparing a book manuscript based on her doctoral research and also research papers on the development of ethnic minority as an Asian martial race and the histories of American Protestant missionaries in Southeast Asia during the Cold War.

Research Interests
Cold War, Vietnam War, Pacific War, nationalism, ethnic identity, U.S. foreign relations, Southeast and East Asia, paramilitary intelligence, police work

Selected Publications
Hyun, Sinae. “Southeast Asianists in the Digital Age.” Suvannabhumi: Multi-disciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 10:2 (December 2018): 215-228.
Hyun, Sinae. “Mae Fah Luang: Princess Mother’s Royal Project with the Thai Border Patrol Police during the Cold War.” Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 48:2 (June 2017): 262-282.
Hyun, Sinae. “Missionaries of Royalist Nationalism: Transformations of the Thai Border Patrol Police during the Cold War.” In Policing Colonial Empires: Cases and Connections, Nineteenth-Twentieth Century, edited by Emmanuel Blanchard, Marieke Bloembergen and Amandine Lauro, 197-214. Brussels: PIE-Peter Lang, 2017.
Hyun, Sinae. “Ugly American, Ugly Thais.” Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia, Young Academic’s Voice, published on April 30, 2015. Click HERE
Hyun, Sinae. “Building a Human Border: The Thai Border Patrol Police School Project in the Post-Cold War Era.” Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 29:2 (July 2014): 332-363.

Courses taught include
GenEd 120: Historical Perspectives
HISTRY 130 /Asian Studies 130: East Asian Tradition
HISTRY 131 /Asian Studies 131: East Asia since 1800
HISTRY 255: Critical Issues
HISTRY 385 /Asian Studies 385: Modern China
HISTRY 386 /Asian Studies 386: Modern Japan

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