Prasad, Sameer

At UW-Whitewater

University - Faculty/Staff
Office Phone
(262) 472-5440
Office Location
HH 4517

Select Publications:


Author(s) Year Article Title Journal Name Volume Issue Pages
Prasad, S., Tata, J., Burkhardt, L, McCarthy, E. 2013 Developmental Project Management in Emerging Countries. Operations Management Research 6 1-2 53-73
Tata, J. Prasad, S. 2010 Social capital and next-generation succession in the family firm. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 11 3 322-333
Prasad, S., Tata, J. 2010 Ethnic Community Involvement, Entrepreneurial Social Capital, and Business Performance. Global Business and Economics Review 12 1-2 151-170
Tata, J., Prasad, S. 2010 National Culture, Social Capital, and Micro-Enterprise Success. International Journal of Business Environment 3 1 95-119
Prasad, S. 2009 Micro-enterprise Quality. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management 26 3 234-246
Altay, N., Sounderpandian, J., Prasad, S. 2009 Strategic Planning for International Disaster Relief Logistics: Implications for Research and Practice. International Journal of Services Sciences 2 2 142-161
Babbar, S., Addae, H. M., Gosenpud, J., Prasad, S. . 2008 Organizational Factors Affecting Supply Chains in Developing Countries. International Journal of Commerce and Management 18 3 234-251
Tata, J., Prasad, S. 2008 Social capital, collaborative exchange and microenterprise performance: the role of gender. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 5 3/4 373-388

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