Smith, Lois

At UW-Whitewater

National PFA Advisory of the Year
Professional Fraternity Association
UW Regents Teaching Excellence Award
July 2007
Wisconsin State Board of Regents
National Top Faculty Advisor
March 2007
Pi Sigma Epsilon, Student Sales & Marketing Organization
University Advising Award
May 2006
W.P. Roseman Excellence in Teaching Award
May 2006
Advising Award
May 2005
College of Business & Economics
College of Business & Economics Service Award
College of Business & Economics
College of Business & Economics Service Award
College of Business & Economics

Management Science/Marketing
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Master of Business Administration
University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Master of Arts
English Literature
University of Illinois - Chicago
University of South Dakota

National Education Foundation for Pi Sigma Epsilon Board of Trustees
March 2006 - Current
Past President, Mu Kappa Tau (Marketing Honorary)
March 2006 - Current
Elected to PSE National Council
April 2004 - April 2011
President, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Student Sales and Marketing Organization
March 2007 - March 2008

Curriculum Redesign: Navigating the path with engaged faculty
Robert Halsey, Babson College
Students’ Perceptions of the Value of Leadership Experiences Outside the Classroom
Engaging Students in Your Campus LEAP Initiative: LEAPing Together for High-Quality Education
Beverly Kopper, Greg Cook, Bob Barry, numerous UWW student leaders
Let's LEAP: Students Dive Deeply into Branding LEAP
Eleanor Jacobson
Faculty Stakeholders: Assessing Motivation, Satisfaction, and Pedagogy
Gregory Smith
Moving from program to campus-wide assessment (and back again)
Gregory Cook
Building Campus Community Through Faculty Mentoring
Assurance of Learning: Successful Implementation, Lessons Learned, Challenges
Christine Clements
Faculty and Learning Communities: Motivation and Satisfaction
Gregory L. Smith
Teaching New Faculty to Teach: Approaches to Mentoring College Instructors
XBOX 360 Case: Competing on a New Level
The Need to Know: MBA Students' Ethical Dilemmas
The Substance of Service: Another Role for Faculty
Gregory Smith
Grading Student Papers: What Effect do Comments Have?
The Pro's and Con's of International Virtual Teams
A survey of E-Tailers' Shipping: Pricing and Policies
Teaching Strategies for Direct Marketing Classes
Privacy Issues on Retail Web Sites Attractive to Children
The Fragmentation of the Market for the MBA Degree

The Contributions of Student Organization Involvement to Students' Self-Assessments of their Leadership Traits and Relational Behaviors
American Journal of Business Education
Vol. 8 Iss. 4
Local vs. Standardized Content Assessment: Some Management Implications OR Why Bother?
Journal of Education for Business
Vol. 85 Iss. 5 Pg. 249-257
How UWW Can Help Your Business
Janesville Gazette
Pg. 1
Grading Written Projects: What Approaches Do Students Find Most Helpful?
Journal of Education for Business
Vol. 83 Iss. 6 Pg. 325-330
Students Need Course in Ethics
Wisconsin State Journal
Pg. A8
Ethical dilemmas can erupt when goals, interests compete
Janesville Gazette
Pg. 1D-2D
How Supplier Involvement Influences Buyer Satisfaction and Trust: A Study of Industrial Markets
Innovative Marketing
Vol. 2 Iss. 2 Pg. 110-121
Student Evaluations of Faculty Grading Methods
Journal of Education for Business
Vol. 78 Iss. 6 Pg. 318-323
International Virtual Teaming: A Case Example
Journal for Global Business Education
Pg. 4-20
Content and Delivery: A Comparison and Contrast of Electronic and Traditional MBA Marketing Planning Courses
Journal of Marketing Education
Vol. 23 Iss. 1
Girls' Responses to Advertisements Featuring Active, Passive and Product-Alone Visual Portrayals
Academy of Marketing Studies Journal
Vol. 3 Iss. 1

SMILES: Special Methods in Learning Equine Skills
Delavan, WI
SMILES is a not-for-profit organization that assists children and adults with disabilities in using horseback riding as a means of therapy.
Janesville Public Library
Janesville, WI
Serving on board of trustees for City of Janesville Hedberg Public Library. Monthly meetings and added subcommittee involvement.
Carney, Davies & Thorpe, LLC (Law Firm)
Janesville, WI
Conducting strategic planning and branding work with partners at this firm.
Rotary Gardens
Janesville, WI
Assisted in development of survey of garden visitors. Helped in design of sample and data analysis.
Janesville Leisure Services
Janesville, WI
Assisted in determining data collection and sampling methods for survey of aquatic facilities in city. Subjects were city residents. Needs survey.
Rock County Strategic Planning Group
Janesville, WI
Assisted in choosing appropriate means of measuring county employee satisfaction. Helped design collection instrument. Developed coding sheet and data entry instrument.
Janesville Design and Development Center
Janesville, WI
Survey of vendors and attendees at Janesville Farmer's Market for Block Grant application
Janesville Farmers Market
Janesville, WI
Helped design survey for visitors to city farmers market. Assisted in sampling frame and in data analysis
Thomson Learning
Judge for best marketing teaching ideas. To be published as supplement to 8th edition of Marketing Principles text (Lamb, et al.)
Rock County Planning Department
Janesville, WI
Pro bono, topic of county park usage. Helped develop and analyze a survey of county park usage. 25 hours.
McGraw Hill Publishers
Reviewed textbook materials for marketing principles text.
Aldo Leopold Foundation
Baraboo, WI
Direct marketing advising. 8 hours. Spring 2003.
Healthnet Free Health Clinic
Janesville, WI
Marketing planning.
Tailor Made, Inc
Oconomowoc, WI
New product assessment and marketing plan. 20 hours.
Encyclopedia of Business
Encyclopedia of Business. Wrote two entries for encyclopedia on international marketing and ethics.
Kawasaki Motor Corporation
Madison, WI
Acted as expert witness for Kawasaki Motor Corporation in retail distribution hearing. Fall and spring 2001-2002.

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