Delaney-Klinger, Kelly

At UW-Whitewater

University - Faculty/Staff
Office Phone
(262) 472-3242
Office Location
HH 4511

Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management
Michigan State University
The Ohio State University
Albion College

Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-based Learning
August 2015 - Current
Blackhawk Human Resource Association
August 2012 - Current
Academy of Management
January 2000 - Current
American Psychological Association
January 2000 - Current
Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology
January 2000 - Current
Society for Human Resource Management
January 1998 - Current

Navigating the big world of big data and HR analytics
Uma Kedharnath
Reflection and integrative learning powered by the ePortfolio
Nicole Weber
Can an ePortfolio project be created to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders without creating extra work for the student owners?
Creating a meta portfolio collaborately
Transforming Student Lives through an Integrative ePortfolio Approach
Nicole Weber
Using the ePortfolio to Engage and Motivate Students in Courses and Programs
Ellie Schemenauer
What is the eportfolio idea? Is it a comprehensive idea capable of re-shaping higher education?
HIP in HR: A Leap Year Review
Using an e-portfolio to showcase competencies of business and liberal arts students within the same course and program.
Using an e-portfolio in the human resource managment major and minor
Richard Wagner, Danielle Reavis
Second Life Learning Community Spurs Imagination
Chris Henige, Megan Matthews, Andrew Kapp, Renee Pfeifer-Luckett, David Reinhart, Karen Skibba
Fickle effects of flexibility?
Gajendran & Harrison
Overcoming the reluctance to ask: Effects of disability, support, and stigma in requesting accommodations at work.

The Belonging Model of Trust
Nonprofit Management & Leadership
Field Guide to the Eportfolio
Are telecommuters remotely good citizens? Unpacking telecommuting’s effects on performance via i-deals and job resources
Personnel Psychology
Faculty transitions in online teaching: make or buy?
Journal of Online Teaching and Learning
Vol. 11 Iss. 1
How to get in the “First Pile”
American Journal of Business Education
Vol. 4 Iss. 8 Pg. 19-24
The importance of job autonomy, cognitive ability, and job-related skill for predicting role breadth and job performance
Journal of Applied Psychology
Vol. 90 Pg. 399-406
Self-presentation processes in job analysis: A field experiment investigating inflation in abilities, tasks, and competencies.
Journal of Applied Psychology
Vol. 89 Iss. 4 Pg. 674-686
The return of online grocery shopping: A comparative analysis of Webvan and Tesco's operational methods
The TQM Magazine
Vol. 15 Iss. 3 Pg. 187-196

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