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At UW-Whitewater

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US Army, 1986-1989 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1989-1993 * BS, Marketing, May 1993 Sprint Telecommunications, 1993 - 2002 * 1 year customer service (long distance div.) * 2 years call center management (long distance div.) * 5 years database marketing (local div., PCS div.) University of Missouri at Kansas City 1997-2004 * MA, Sociology, 2004 Crate and Barrel, 2002-2005 * 3 years database marketing Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2005-2010 * PhD, Marketing, 2010

Doctor of Philosophy
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Master of Arts
University of Missouri at Kansas City
Bachelor of Science
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

International Society of Marketing
March 2022 - March 2023

Data Visualization
Maxwell Hsu and Dennis Kopf
Marketing Student Engagement During a Pandemic
Maxwell Hsu and Dennis Kopf
Customer Attitude Formation Towards Online Shopping in India Vs Nepal
Bindu Tiwari
Denomination and Regional Effects on the Marketing of Religion
Noelle Butski, Maxwell K. Hsu
The Principle of Veracity and Its Impact on Marketing
Noelle Butski
Marketing Research Opportunities for Ecotourism
Maxwell Hsu, Dennis Kopf
Versions of the Truth: Exploring the Motivating Factors for Consumers to Create Inaccurate Ratings and Reviews
Ravon Bonds
Embedded SPSS and AMOS Tricks
G. David Shows, Maxwell K. Hsu, Dennis A. Kopf
Techniques and Tools for Structural Equation Modeling
Maxwell Hsu
Religion as an Attribute of the Total Product Concept
Preston, Hobbins
How Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty Intentions are Affected by Expired Grocery Products in Retail Stores
Celebrating Excellence through Collegiate Chapters and Honor Societies
Kevin McCarthy
The Intersection of Social Shopping and Consumption Communities
Coker, Altobello
What Makes Social Shoppers Click? A Conceptual Model of the Role of Social Shopping Rewards
Kesha Coker and Suzanne Altobello
Consumer Assessments of 3D Online Retail Environments
Siva K. Balasubramanian Illinois Institute of Technology) and John H. Summey (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
Plenty of Attitude: Comparing Measures of Attitude Toward the Website
Siva K. Balasubramanian Illinois Institute of Technology) and John H. Summey (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
The Role of Virtual and Mobile Commerce in Commerce Research
Suzanne Altobello Nasco, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Kesha K. Coker, Eastern Illinois University
The Impact of Technology on the Marketing Classroom
Max Hsu, Renee Pfeifer-Luckett
Class Communication Options: Making the Most of Web-Based Tools

An Honest Discussion About Lies: How Components of a Seller’s Lies Can Impact Customer Relationship Commitment
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Vol. 31
From recreation to responsibility: Increasing environmentally responsible behavior in tourism
Journal of Business Research/Elsevier
What Makes Social E-Shoppers Click? A Conceptual Model of the Role of Social Shopping Rewards
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Enhancing Classroom Effectiveness Through Social Networking Tools
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How the Smartphone is Changing College Student Mobile Content Usage and Advertising Acceptance: An IMC Perspective
International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communication
Vol. 3 Iss. 2 Pg. 49-64
Class Communication Options: Making the Most of Web-Based Tools
Journal of Advertising Education
Vol. 15 Iss. 1

Whitewater University Innovation Center
Whitewater, WI
Work with students and entrepreneurs in business development by assisting with the marketing services through the help of student workers.

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