Johnson, Edric

At UW-Whitewater

University - Faculty/Staff
Curriculum & Instruction
Office Phone
(262) 472-5798
Office Location
WH 3047

Ph.D. Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University-Columbus
M.S. Educational Administration, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A. Elementary Education, Western Michigan University
B.S. Special and Elementary Education (dual certification), Central Michigan University

Professional Highlights:
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Professor
Verona Area School District (WI), Middle School Teacher
Hamilton Community Schools (MI), Elementary School Teacher

Recent Awards:
McClellan Endowed Teacher of Distinction Award (2021)
University Honors Program Excellence in Mentoring Award (2020)

Current Courses:
ELEMMID 370 Visual Literacy and Performing Arts Integration in the Classroom
ELEMMID 363 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary and Middle Grades
ELEMMID 364 Teaching Social Studies in the Middle Grades
CIGENRL 710 Politics, Literacy, and Critical Pedagogy
CIFLD 411, 412, 414 Supervision of Student Teachers in Grades 1-12

Past Courses:
CIGENRL 479/679 Drama in Education
CIGENRL 723 Issues, Perspectives, and New Directions in Education
CIGENRL 725 Curriculum Development and Integration
SECNDED 705 Representations of Learning
EDUINDP 726 Capstone Advising I: Project Planning and Review of Literature
EDUINDP 727 Capstone Advising II: Data Collection and Analysis
EDUINDP 789 Capstone Project Seminar

Selected Publications:
Johnson, E.C.
(2019). Theorizing drama education: Non-arts pre-service teachers share their opinions on Winifred Ward, Dorothy Heathcote, and Augusto Boal. Youth Theatre Journal. 33(1). 4-18.

Johnson, E.C.
and Heimer L.G. (2016). Teaching race and racism: Preservice teachers’ perspectives and reflections. In T. Husband (Ed.), I don’t see color: The perils, promises, and practices of anti-racist education (pp. 95-102). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Johnson, E.C.
, Liu, K, & Goble, K. (2015). Mantle of the expert: Integrating visual arts and dramatic inquiry in social studies. The Social Studies. 106(5). 204-208.

Johnson, E.C.,
Kang, H., & Katz, L. (2012). What is a cultural memoir? An action research study of future teachers’ understandings of themselves as cultural persons.  In M. G. Hickey and B. Lanahan (Eds.), Even the janitor is white: Educating for cultural diversity in small colleges and universities (pp. 49-60). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Barnes, M.K., Johnson, E.C., and Neff, L. (2010). Learning through process drama in the first grade. Social Studies and the Young Learner, 22(4). 19-24.

Johnson, E.C.
(2010). Oral histories in education. In E. Heilman, E. (Ed.), Social studies and diversity teacher education: What we do and why. New York. Routledge. 

Johnson, E.C.
(2009). When a student does not want to be in school: A reading of Paulo Freire through family alcoholism discourse. Qualitative Inquiry, 15(7) 1287-1289.

Johnson, E.C.
(2007). Seeking Freire's theory on critical consciousness: A look at one preservice teacher's field experience. Curriculum and Teaching, 22(2). 89-97.

Johnson, E.C.
(2007). Critical literacy and the social studies methods course: How pre-service social studies teachers learn and teach for critical literacy. Social Studies Research and Practice, 2(2), 145-168.

Johnson, E.C.
(2007). Involving preservice teachers in collecting and performing oral stories. The Social Studies, 98(5), 197-199.

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