Yu, Linda

At UW-Whitewater

University - Faculty/Staff
College of Bus & Econ / Finance & Business Law
Interim Associate Dean / Professor
Office Phone
(262) 472-5459
Office Location
HH 3300B

Select Publications:


Author(s) Year Article Title Journal Name Volume Issue Pages
Yu, L. 2011 When Do TIPS Prices Adjust to Inflation Information? Financial Analysts Journal 67 2 59-73

College Service Award
Best Paper Award
July 2007
Academic Business World International Conference

University of Memphis
Pittsburg State University
British Literature
JiLin University

Bloomberg Market Concepts
August 2020
Chartered Financial Analyst
CFA Institute
August 25, 2014
FinTech Certification
August 19, 2019
Bloomberg Product Certification
August 2007

August 2014 - Current
Financial Executive International
January 2014 - Current
2001 - Current
1999 - Current

Equity Anomalies Around the World
Steve Fan
Identifying Missing Information of the Conventional Corporate Governance Index
Steve Fan
Equity Anomalies Around the World
Steve Fan
Identifying the missing information of the conventional corporate governance index - an international study
Steve Fan
More is not always better - new evidence in assessing firm-level corporate governance across countries
Steve Fan
Trade-off effects between firm-level governance mechanisms across legal regimes
When Do TIPS Prices Adjust to Inflation Information?
Quentin Chu, Debbie Pittman
Governance Mechanisms and Legal Regimes
When Do TIPS Prices Adjust to Inflation Information
Quentin Chu, Debbie Pittman
Maturing TIPS Prices and Inflation Information
Quentin Chu and Deborah Pittman
Explore the Interaction among Corporate Governance Mechanisms
Exploring the Mathematical Side of Finance: Traditional vs. Online
Lois Smith
Liquidity and Firm Performance around Credit Market Crisis
Inflation Breakeven Rate
Information Risk in the TIPS Market: How Information Flows between US Treasury Securities and TIPS
Q. Chu, D. Pittman
Assets in Place, Growth Opportunities and IPO Returns
K. Chung and M. Li
Bond Rating Changes: A Market Microstructure Analysis
Asjeet Lamba
AT&T Wireless & Cingular: Will two good companies become one great company?
Berardino L. and Krishnamurti V.
Expected Inflation: A Comparison between Survey Results and Nominal-Real Yield Differences
From Mickey Mouse to Lion King: Disney Shareholders Roar
Christine Kline
Information Asymmetry and Corporate Bankruptcy - A Market Microstructure Perspective
Zhou D.
Self-Underwritten IPOs: A Microstructure Analysis
Hegde S., Varshney, S.B., and Zhou D.
Information Content of the Nominal-Real Yield Spread
Price Discovery in Interest Rate Markets
Chu, Q. and Pittman, D.
Real Yield, Nominal Yield, and the Fisher Effect
Chu, Q. and Pittman, D.

Performance of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds
Global Journal of Business Research
A closer look at size effect on equity anomalies
Journal of Finance and Accountancy
Vol. 26 Iss. 1 Pg. 186-196
Variation in Corporate Governance and Firm Valuation - An International Study
International Review of Finance
Does the alternative three-factor model explain momentum anomaly better in G12 countries?
Journal of Finance and Accountancy
Vol. 12 Iss. 1 Pg. 120-134
Accrual Anomaly and Idiosyncratic Risk - an International Study
The International Journal of Business and Finance Research
Vol. 7 Iss. 4 Pg. 63-75
When Do TIPS Prices Adjust to Inflation Information?
Financial Analysts Journal
Vol. 67 Iss. 2 Pg. 59-73
Trade-off Effects between Firm-level Governance Mechanisms Cross Legal Regimes
International Journal of the Academic Business World
Vol. 4 Iss. 2 Pg. 39-54
The Breakeven Inflation Rate
The International Journal of the Academic Business World
Vol. 1 Iss. 1-2 Pg. 11-18
Assets in Place, Growth Opportunities, and IPO Returns
Financial Management
Vol. 34 Iss. 3 Pg. 65-88
Modeling Internet Operations Using Initial Public Offerings
Mid-American Journal of Business
Vol. 20 Iss. 2 Pg. 25-33
Information Risk in TIPS Market: An Analysis of Nominal and Real Interest Rates
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
Vol. 24 Iss. 3 Pg. 235-250
An Analysis of Trading Pattern Around Corporate Bankruptcy - A Market Microstructure Perspective
Journal of Management Research
Vol. 5 Pg. 12-18
Information Content of Maturing TIIS
Journal of Fixed Income
Vol. 13 Iss. 4 Pg. 90-99
Real Rates, Nominal Rates and the Fisherian Link
International Review of Financial Analysis
Vol. 12 Iss. 5 Pg. 189-205

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