Matthews, Megan

At UW-Whitewater

University - Faculty/Staff
Office Phone
(262) 472-7022
Office Location
HH 4500

Matthews teaches Management classes for the College of Business and Economics for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and has a strong interest in Arts Entrepreneurship and creativity in business. She also works with nonprofit organizations on strategic planning and visioning.

CARE (Concern for Adults Returning to Education) Award
October 2018
Adult/Nontraditional Student Center
Nominee for the UW-W 2018 Academic Staff Excellence Award
April 2018
UW-W Academic Staff
Teaching Excellence
December 2017
Whitewater Student Government
Positive Annual Review - Exceeds Expectations
November 2017
Management Department
Positive Peer Review for 2017-2018 TSP Program
November 2017
UW-W Teaching-Scholars Program

Master of Arts
Community Arts Management
University of Illinois
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Arts Wisconsin
Whitewater Arts Alliance
Wisconsin Arts Peers Advisory Network
United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
January 2013 - Current
Association of Arts Administration Educators
December 2012 - Current
Americans for the Arts
2008 - Current
Wisconsin Presenters Network
1992 - Current

“The Arts” as a key player in the nonprofit sector: stories of comfort in Wisconsin’s arts and culture community
…By Any Other Name…
Jim O’Connell, Asst Professor/Arts Management Coordinator, UW SP; Sarah Marty, Lecturer in Arts Management, College of Arts & Communication at UW W, and Arts Entrepreneurship at UW-Madison; Sherry Wagner-Henry, Director, Bolz Center for Arts Administration, Wis School of Business, UW-Madison; Mark Nerenhausen, President/CEO Hennepin Theatre Trust, Minneapolis Minnesota
Board Development
Emily Gruenwald
Creative Industry Incubators: Unexpected Connections Between Art and Business
Teaching Creativity to Entrepreneurs
James D Hart
Arts Entrepreneurship Games for the Classroom
James Hart, Megan Matthews
Teaching Creativity and Arts Entrepreneurship: Uncommon Solutions
James Hart, Megan Matthews
Be Bold, Consider Arts Entrepreneurship on your Campus
Megan Matthews, Larry Epstein, and Linda Essig
Developing Arts Entrepreneurship programs
James Hart, Donna Conaty, Julianne Shields, Suki John, Megan Matthews
Working with UW-W on learning/organizational partnerships
Presenting V Producing houses: what’s the difference
Christopher Montpetit, Brooke Jackson, John Hassig
Second Life Faculty Learning Community Spurs Imagination
Chris Henige, Kelly Delaney-Klinger, David Reinhart, Renee Pfeiffer-Luckett, Steven Boldt, Karen Skibba
Distance Collaboration to Create and Maintain Learning Modules
The Art and Management of Collaboration: Creating an Online Course
Tiffany Wilhelm and Gerry McKenna, UW-SP; Ellen Rosewall, UW-GB
Working Collaboratively on Curricular Redesign for an Online Course

Centers of Gravity
Local Development & Society/Taylor Francis/Routledge
Pg. 30
GM Janesville Assembly Plant
Pg. 15
Recognizing the Plural Sector: Nonprofit Studies in a Business School Environment
Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership
Business & Society: Building Skills and Awareness For The Workplace 2e
Cognella Publishing
Pg. 15 for the chapter, 156 for the book
Business & Society: Building Skills and Awareness For The Workplace
Cognella Publishing
Pg. 15 for the chapter, 156 for the book
Arts Marketing Online Text
Online text used for Nonprofit Arts Management classes in WI
Nonprofit Arts Management Online Text
Online text used for Nonprofit Arts Management classes in WI

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