Munro, David

At UW-Whitewater

Management Information Systems
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Applied Mathematics and Physics
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Search Engine Optimization
Amdrew Cigenak
Data Behind the Story: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Project
e-Government Sharing (eGS) Through Web Services - Extending the Influence of Government Web Applications
George Sargent

Is data mining of manufacturing data beyond first order analysis of value? A case study
Journal of Decision Systems, Taylor & Francis
Vol. 25 Iss. sup1 Pg. 572-577
Hosting Hackathons a Tool In Retaining Students With Beneficial Side Effects
The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges
Vol. 30 Iss. 5 Pg. 46-51
Why Not Let IT Fail? The IT Project Success Paradox
Proceedings of 2013 IFIP 8.6 International Federation for Information Processing
Pg. 579-582
An Investigation of General Perceptions of The IT Workforce
Issues in Information Systems
Vol. 13 Iss. 2 Pg. 346-352
A Longitudinal Analysis of Perceptions of Technology Enhanced Decision Making
ISDSI 2012 5th International Conference on Improving Competitiveness through Decision Sciences
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A Typology of E-Governance Operational Information System Tasks
International Journal of Electronic Governance
Vol. Vol 2 Iss. No. 2/3 Pg. 210-222
The Open Source Project Approach: Finally A Better Way To Teach The Project Class
Free and Open Source (FOSS) Symposium 2009
Be Brief: The Key In Using Technical Internet Groups
Issues in Information Systems
Vol. VIII Iss. No. 2 Pg. 473-477
Creating Pluggable Domain-Platforms For Governmental Systems
Issues in Information Systems
Vol. VIII Iss. 2 Pg. pp. 529-533
Management Issues of Mobile Commerce and Beyond
Proceeding of the Annual Global Information Technology Management Association Conference
A Collaborative Software Paradigm for Governments
Faculty Student Multidiscipline International Conference, Transactions on CIS,CS,DS,IT&MIS. ooiCTRLD
Vol. 5
Lessons from Building an Academic-Industry Partnership Consortium: A Framework for Development
Issues in Information Systems
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Managing the Impact of Cultural Factors in the Development of Global Decision Support Systems
Issues in Information Systems
Vol. III Pg. 448-454

Delavan WI
Provided design and implementation of changes to labor tracking system in support of bring payroll inhouse.
Delevan WI
Provided Analysis of inventory for discontinued product line for President of Borg-Indak
Delevan WI
Delevan WI
Assisted in the evaluation of integrating existing system with the parent corporation's systems.
Delavan WI
Investigated the imbalance of work in process accounts between two computer systems for CFO.
M.J. Care Inc.
Milwaukee WI
Provided management direction and support for developers in transitioning a system from a stand along in house operation to a web based.
Delavan WI
Interfaced with purchased MRP system to provide additional reporting functionality.
Delevan WI
Developed software for the testing and recording of testing the intensity of LED lights on product. Developed reporting system to provide accounting with a way to automate costing out products that were manufactured.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
• Provided computer services and analysis for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on data obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections under freedom of information act. Led to a four edition series of articles describing the impact of truth in sentencing. My role was to develop a model of the cost over 25 years. 1.2 Billion + .6 billion more that is deferred.
BIE - Dept of ED / GBRC
Managed team of students who converted a web site to prototype BIE - Portal web site

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